Tips to promote you as standup comedian

No doubt standup comedy is a unique and wonderful career. Everyone can make people laugh but everyone cannot become part of professional and successful stand up comedians. For being a successful comedian the person must be optimistic and have firm believe in his / her abilities. It becomes the reason to compete in large and tough competitions to make them recognized widely. After joining the comedy field the next important job is to promote you in different social circles. For achieving this goal you may have to take many steps. Here we are discussing few of them for your consideration.

Ever keep a bold and positive behavior about your abilities and performance. When ever heard about any big contest or carnival, make an effort to participate. Don’t hide your experience in field rather than hiding, improve your performance and distribute your performance samples at different forums. For get booking for shows and festivals you may hire your comic agent.

One of the most important things is a precious advice. Do not join standup comedy if you do not love it. Your love for your work makes it enjoyable for you and also opens new horizons for you. Your love for comedy will boost up your performance that will catch fame for you. It will make money to follow you in your career.

Make publicity about your work in print media along with social media. Making and publishing of your standup comedy videos is a wonderful means to make public acknowledge you. These videos can be shared on different social platforms. You may send your standup comedy videos to different event organizers so that they can consider you for events. Every event plays its role in your success to do not any of these.

Gather new and attractive material for your performance. Keen observation of your surrounding will help you. Your observation can give you the opportunity to apply your even old jokes in a new style and situation. Participate in Open Mic competitions as it is the best source of getting immediate response about your performance. The presence of other stand up comedians gives you their analytical and critical opinion. It also provides you the opportunity for getting latest comic material along with a good practice about its delivery. While selecting comedy material for your performance be sure that yourit will bring your audience back only for your sake. 



If you are not quite funny, you should think again before entering the field of stand up comedy. The reason is that you can end up being a complete failure as stand up comedy requires you to be extraordinarily funny. You must have the will and passion to improvise your comedy skills otherwise it becomes really hard to survive the tough competition. You might become a loser if you do not push harder to rise as a successful stand up comedian.

Once you have geared up your mind and are willing to work really hard to be among the successful stand up comedians; the question arises that how can you succeed in stand up. Mentioned below are some of the key tips to help you succeed as a stand up comedian:

First you need to understand that stand up is based on a systematic method. You cannot just get on the stage and talk random, hoping that you will recall some good jokes and manage to make the audience laugh. In fact you have to do necessary researching, design your comedy act, practice your delivery skills, rehearse your act and add all the small details you can to make it stand out so the audience loves it. All this demands dedication, patience, effort and consistency. Make sure you have the abilities to meet these criteria.

Confidence is one of the key aspects for bringing life to your act. Your confidence must depict through your performance in order to get a good response. However, at times your act might demand you to look stupid and confused which is not a problem. You must practice every bit of your act including pauses and body movements. The more you rehearse, the better your act gets.

It is essential give your act a proper format. There must be a proper beginning, middle and ending. Every part of your act must fit in together perfectly. You words and actions must also reinforce each other. When everything will go together, the laughter impact will increase and the audience will enjoy your performance even more.

Keep on asking question to yourself regarding how to make your comedy content funnier and how to come up with more effective jokes. You must work on improving your timing and learn how to deal with hecklers. Watch stand up comedy videos online to help you in answer these questions.  Keep on adding up new punchlines to your comedy content to make it more enriched. 


Comedy - A precious gift for healthy life

Hectic routines make life dull and depressed somehow, which can lead to many ailments in future. Its immediate effect can be seen in decision making and patience as both go reduce. Here comedy items appear as a blessing and sprinkle life to your dying emotions and abilities. Laughter is good prescription for your healthy life. Even though it is not directly associated to altering minds, healthier persons are more expected to perceive and may have craving to hear your thoughts. Some additional effects of laughter, which can be observed include;

  • It reduces your blood pressure
  • It relieves your tension and especially increases oxygen intake.
  • It workout on your muscles including your abdomen and diaphragm, and extends it to those in your thorax, neck, shoulders, face, and scalp.
  • It reinforces your immune system, reduces tension hormones, and elevates infection-fighting antibodies.
  • It makes you breath deep and improves your breathing system too.

For getting laughter, you may enjoy different types of comedy such as comic stories, comedy movies, and stand up comedy shows. Each type of comedy benefits you extensively. In fact, amusing joke can fuse with you for some time, and can give you additional laughs any time it draws closer to your mind. Plenty of advantages of laughing are available for everyone. It helps people forgetting about pain and tensions. It increases tolerance and gives relief in pain and tension. These are proven facts about comedy. Many of people love to have friendship with jolly people and if possible with stand up comedians to stay happy and healthier.

Laughing immediately declines stress hormones level and hence, is among the most valuable ways to diminish the effects of nervous tension. Laughter provides a good deal of exercise for abs and strengthens them. It also provides strength to heart muscles and also has effect on blood sugar levels. Stand up comedy videos are a good source of laughter. You may enjoy them in your free time and short length videos can be used as remedy in your stressed moments during working. Research also has revealed that comedy element in life has good impact on immune system by motivating T-cells and many other factors, which create a good deal of immunity against infections. Stand up Comedians are truly great for providing us laughter, which gives us relief in physical pain and offers various health benefits that increase success opportunities in life. 


Writing and Performing Techniques for the Newbie Comedians

Stand up comedy is a spontaneous art that only those, who know comedy can understand. Those, who are putting their efforts to become a comedian, must have enough material to please the audience. It is a personal form of writing, which is mostly specific to the performer. It all depends on the ability of the performer to deliver the joke in a funny way. Comedians are great observers. They have to observe minute changes in the day to day situations and circumstances to come up with comedy lines that the audience can relate to their personal lives.

If you are a beginner in Stand up comedy, you will have to focus on a lot of things. Along with performance and delivery, the writing also matters a lot. If the material isn’t worthy to laugh at, you can never become a successful comedian. Here are some writing tips for the beginners:

  • The best technique of starting the performance is to initiate with a punch line or even a single headline. If the punch line is creative, it can be funny for the audience.
  • There must be sufficient breaks in the sentences of the joke. Each sentence must be aligned in a natural way with natural pauses so that it could be easy for you to take breaths during the conversation. The key is to use your natural speaking rhythm.
  • During your delivery and pauses, there must be a certain type of comedy. You need to be creative with spontaneous responses instead of simply saying the words of the script.

You can better understand these tip if you watch the professional Stand up comedians performances.  The idea is not to copy their style but to see how they blend the writing and delivery techniques to capture the attention of the audience successfully. The best way to research is to watch the Stand up comedy videos. Lots of them are available on the internet for free. Find the Stand up comedy videos of the most successful Stand up comedians of past as well as of today to begin your research. Write tips on a piece of paper to better understand them.

While following the creativity of the professionals, don’t copy their content or style. Being original is the best quality of any comedian whether he is a newbie or professional. You can copy their gestures and change their style into something creative to become unique. Be natural and people will start loving your Stand up comedy performances within no time. 


Why I love standup comedy?

I always like jolly people, who create happiness around them that is why I prefer to search funny videos to enjoy them. I tried to mimic them in front of mirror in my room. My craze for funny videos is enhancing day by day. I often laugh at my madness in this regard. Whenever I face any funny situation, I wish to treat it like an expert comedian progressively and positively.

Standup comedy inspired me to great extent, as a single person gets the hold on large crowed skillfully. It is a good display of hidden talent to win the hearts in a pleasant way and to spread happiness around people in whatever situation they are. This field is suitable for multi dimensional personalities with a witty sense of humor. I always inspired by stand up comedians because of their behavior towards humanity.

One man shows are good examples of standup comedy and are exhibition of wit of the artists.  Good and confident stand up comedians involve their live audience in their performance that boosts up their fame. In their live performances, they refurbish their old skits. They share their keen observation of daily life so pleasantly and boldly, which brings pleasure to their audience. People love to enjoy such comedy shows for recreation in tough daily life and hectic business routines. Undoubtedly, their treatment of events makes them lighter and somehow pleasant though actually they are bitter ones. Comedians are truly the pulse recognizer of their society and enlighten many bitter issues in really a pleasant way

Internet has provided a good platform for standup comedy videos and got a vivid admiration for them. One can easily upload or download comedy videos. These can be kept in cell phones and one can get relax by watching them. These short length videos provide good deal of leisure in hectic routines to revitalize you. A number of sites are presenting such videos and providing a vital chance to those, who want to enter this field. Most of young creative people create their videos and launch them on Internet or in their friends circle to get admiration. These short but effective videos play vital role in highlighting dark areas of our social and personal life in a light mood to avoid hurting others. Light pinching through witty dialogues and funny expressions of comedians highlight many social issues and suggest solutions. 



Stand up comedy is one of the most livelyand dynamic comedy type that brings thewaves of laughs for the audience sitting in front of the comedian in the live show. The quality of the stand-up show entirely depends on how well the performer knows the tactics of keeping the audience drowned in the brooks of laughter.

Stand-up performances have a mixture of crisp jokes, fast-paced sequence of hilarious stories and a monologue filled with funny punch lines. Stand-up comedy act gives the room to the performer to use different comedy tactics and elements in a single comedy show but wisely and smartly.  The stand-up performer should be exceptionally out spoken as well as present minded as it is a live act and audience is sitting right in front of the person with an expectation to get a hilarious series of blasts from his side. A single boring line of the act can simply put the audience off ruining the feel of the entire act.

To keep the audience’ interest in the show, the funny magic tricks,amusing songs and music can also made part of the act. But these elements are just to enhance the act and to keep the show lively. Too much of the music or magic acts can spoil the actual feel of the show by making it a magic or a circus show that is not the one audience is sitting for.

A conventional stand-up act is performed in a comedy club and theatres but arrangement of the Stand-up show is not limited to any specific location, it can be organized anywhere where there is a seating arrangement for the audience and a stage for the performer. It can be a restaurant, a hall, a seminar room, an open air location, a theatre, or even an institute. Stand-up comedy acts are also arranged on many occasions like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and all other life event celebrations considerably raising the significance of Stand-up comedies.


What to avoid when starting out as a stand up comedian

So, you’re moving from being the class clown and the funny guy in your group of friends to embarking on the road to becoming a stand up comedian.  You find making people laugh and being funny comes natural to you, so it’s going to be easy taking that to the next level right?  Well standing on stage and making an audience of strangers laugh is not as easy as the professionals make it look.  For a start, before you even consider taking to the stage, you should have practiced and practiced some more, learning from your mistakes and gradually your performance will appear more natural and comfortable.  As a newbie, these are some tips you may find useful:

  • You cannot rely on good material to achieve a good response from your audience.  Even the best, most hilarious material can be ruined by poor delivery.  Equally, sometimes a relatively poor joke can be delivered in such a way that still has the audience in uproar. 
  • Look carefully at your body language.  If physical humor comes naturally to you, incorporate this into your routine.  Are you comfortable moving about the stage, engaging the audience, attracting their attention with your movement around the stage.  Unless you are deliberately adopting a deadpan style, incorporate variations in your voice and facial expressions to emphasise key parts of your routine.
  • You may have found you could make friends and family laugh with off the cuff humor and observations.  However, as a stand up, you should avoid thinking you can go on stage and ‘wing’ it.  You should have a well rehearsed routine that you can go on stage and perform with little or no requirement for ad libbing.  As you become a more seasoned performer, you may start to develop a confidence which allows you to switch about your routine a little to suit the audience, but particularly as you first start out, stick to a well rehearsed act that you have confidence in.
  • Use material that is based on your own experiences or interests.  It is easier to write about subjects you know and the audience can sense if you are insincere and write about topics you know little about or have no interest in.  No matter what your lifestyles or interests, there should be plenty of topics to use as a source for your routine.